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    The reconnaissance and search battalion only sent two platoons to search this area to strictly prevent Japanese ambushes, while the main force took their own first aid bags to help bandage the injured soldiers. It is worth mentioning that in the reconnaissance battalion there are many Japanese soldiers. They received ideological education after being captured, then voluntarily joined the 8th Road Army. Will the boss vomit blood when he finds out? go out? Now these Japanese soldiers played an extremely important role, loudly publicizing the Eighth Route Army's preferential prisoner policy in Japanese for wounded soldiers of the Japanese army, those who were captured. , the Eighth Route Army not only did not harm them, but also treated them with the best medicine. Some wounded soldiers of the Japanese army wanted to fight with all their might. After being tortured by these Japanese soldiers, their fear of death disappeared, their grievances of being abandoned, and their confusion about the future. pull together. The team arrived with a large number of medicines, doctors and nurses, and they cried even harder.

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